Imma need a bigger computer and (HELLO GOODBYE THANK YOU AND SORRY)

2013-05-05 19:35:52 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Alrite now I have officially filled my computer with games that I will conquer for videos and awesome comedy game commentary we have SCP Containment breach, Slender game series, MINECRAFT, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty Black ops 2, ARMA series, Magicka, and the number one series ever MY LITTLE PONY. just joshing u about mlp. LATER GAMES: Farcry 3:origonal and blood dragon, terraria, CALL OF DUTY GHOST, GTA V, L4D2, and much more!!! But one thing I can say is this can happen between now and when i have a job. Well now I will just start with a HELLO, GOODBYE, THANK YOU, AND SORRY.
First hello I am Chris I am a 14 year old kid that has decided to enter a technical high school in Windham CT. I can say that my grades are at least the worst in my class. I went there for electronics hoping to learn game designing and it is completely different than what I expected. GOODBye...... I haven't been uploading in a while and I am leaving the site for a few weeks for I am working my heardest on side jobs for my bigger computer. DONT WORRY I promised an audio upload and that is coming soon. THANK YOU for all of the fans and support SHOUT OUT TO CYBERDEVIL FOR HIS SUPPORT. I will soon hopefully in a near future come back and thrive again. SORRY for not uploading newgrounds race for the medals and posting my big project for pico day. AND AS ALWAYS I WILL SEE YOU In The Next Post. GOODBYEeeee

(name change:The Lithiria Factor)


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2013-05-05 22:19:14

Mod the shit out of all games


2013-05-07 06:22:16

Hey! Thanks for the shout out! :D And good luck with the new computer.

I just bought a new one myself btw, it hasn't arrived yet but I'm incredibly hyped up about it. The one I'm typing this on has a 2x 2,5Ghz processor, 3GB Ram (8 max) and built-in graphics card that can barely handle GTA SA. The new one has 8 x 3,1Ghz, 8GB Ram (32 max) and a Radeon GPU with a whooping 1GB memory. How's that for an upgrade! :D Can't wait to start playing GTA4, and GTA5 whenever that comes out, not to mention how much faster converting videos and working with Flash and stuff like that'll be. It wasn't too expensive either considering the specs, around $300.