I have lost my mind!!!

2013-04-20 14:09:49 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Ugghh guys its been 5 days. I need to get a better computer and I need to record some audio samples. I need ideas and go to florida for college. I need money for flash and photoshop now and I haven't made any money with the job I have by my house UGGHHH



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2013-04-20 15:13:00

Keep working. You'll get it all eventually.

Or sneak some of it ;))))))


2013-04-21 12:31:17

Just keep at it. Im pretty sure that everything will go well for you in the future if you work hard.


2013-04-25 16:40:14

That UGGHHH and Enjoy!- is an odd combination...