Screw The Medal Hunter Lets do something BETTER

2013-04-13 22:09:29 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Even though I raged in the last entry I will still record. I wanna try tf2 or scp maybe some amnesia as well. I will do this might be all of them who knows? And the trailer will be deleted off of youtube



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2013-04-14 04:12:09

Aw, no medals? Did you ever complete any medal videos btw? Can't see any on your channel, but good luck with that!

xChrisBloodWolfx responds:

i tried to man but camtasia will get all screwy and say that i have insufficient memory when I have more than whats needed


2013-04-14 12:35:30

Maybe the program uses some space to process the files in addition to what the file actually takes up. Or it's buggin...