Well recording is done but...

2013-04-10 19:21:53 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Ok so I just got the video done for the series on YouTube (people who don't know look throught the archive of my news entrys). But here is the problem. When i was recording my commentary i didnt realise the noise from the game was louder than my voice so it will not be a live commentary. There is a good thing to this though, now I have time to practice being enthusiastic and excited not dreary and sound squeaky and mental. Anybody that has ideas for any ways help me be enthusiastic or anything that they want to see comment or message me please!!!



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2013-04-11 14:14:30

Another way would be to use headphones, and record computer sound with one program and your voice with another device. And then just layer them.

xChrisBloodWolfx responds:

thats what i tried to do man but apparently camtasia recorded the background sounds very loud so my sound recorder didnt catch my voice while playing the game.


2013-04-12 03:36:08

But if you have headphones, there shouldn't be anything but the sound of your voice for the sound recorder to capture? :/ Don't know what video editing you use but there should be an option to bring down the volume for specific layers.