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2013-04-08 19:19:47 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Well The time has come i am going to upload the first newgrounds hunt for the medals at the end of the week. And for my audio fans I am sorry that I havent made anymore but ive been busy with school and my computer build and the newgrounds medal series. I will try to upload some audio by the end of the week



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2013-04-09 06:31:57

Oh hey, you used the image I linked to! Nice! I thought you'd use a black background though. Anyway, good luck with the channel. If you pick up games I haven't managed to get medals on yet I just might take a look, there are waaay too many regular gaming channels already but with medals it might actually be useful.

xChrisBloodWolfx responds:

Thanks man I thought the wolf picture was awesome. I know that there are a lot of gaming channels but I am trying to make this youtube and newgrounds page stand out I hope it will be a success