I want to hear your ideas

2013-03-25 15:13:05 by xChrisBloodWolfx

Hey xChrisBloodWolfx Here:
I have come to the attention for getting a broader audience. I would like to do a lot for you guys but I need your ideas!!
Here's What you do:
1. Think of an idea
2. Do one of two things-(a) comment on this news entry-or-(b) message me at my email(chrisbloodwolf@gmail.com) or my youtube account(Link on my page)
3. i will announce the best idea on newgrounds.com or my youtube page
4. Winner will get the credit they deserve (and if it's real good you might get a special surprise and trust me its gonna be great)

Good Luck and anything goes



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2013-03-25 15:34:25

Idea, as in... what? Inventions? Ideas for music? Animations? Scripts? :P

xChrisBloodWolfx responds:

any animations, audio, art, or games


2013-03-25 15:43:01

Ok, how about a haunted frisbee that slices the head off anyone the owner throws it to, could be both animation or game. On that note, a pong game where you catch frisbees on sticks before rebounding them. Another idea: a black hole sucks up the Earth and spits it out in a different dimension completely made of anti-materia. Or how about a printer that prints everything in blood instead of ink. As for music, super mario dubstep. Maybe there's some inspiration there to salvage. ;)